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Why We Need Your Help

Transforming mental health and addiction care, keeping people healthy, and saving lives is a monumental responsibility. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on the mental health of Canadians has grown significantly. To meet this growing need for help and support, we need you. With your help, we can transform programs to meet evolving needs and work preventatively, purchase essential hospital equipment, increase accessibility and access to care, conduct leading-edge research to better understand and treat mental illness and addiction, and we can save lives

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Preventative Youth Mental Health Program

With your help, we can help kids across Canada build resiliency and preventatively support their mental health when they need it most.

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Mental Health & Addiction Research

With your support, we can better understand mental illness and addiction, creating a brighter future. The Waypoint Research Institute is making a difference for youth, frontline workers, people with addictions, and so many more. 

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Mental Health First Aid Training

Help us build a more supportive community for those faced with mental health and addiction challenges, by making Mental Health First Aid Training available to everyone and encouraging participation.

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Dynamic recreational activities help with recovery. For many of our patients finding the right recovery tools is the key to improving their mental wellbeing. A Snoezelen Room is a therapeutic environment created for the purpose of delivering multi-sensory stimuli to patients with dementia, autism, brain injuries, and for people with developmental support needs.

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Sleep is essential for recovery and for mental well-being. You can give the gift of a good night's sleep. With your help, we can purchase new hospital beds to improve sleep quality.


Device Library 


In rural communities, access to mental health and addiction services is limited. One method of increasing access to care is the development of additional virtual options. Waypoint is working to bridge this gap, particularly in areas where the cost and reliability of the internet is a barrier, offering a device loan program with internet enabled devices to those in need. 

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Seniors Mental Health

With complex health issues, the mental wellbeing of seniors is often overlooked. With your help, we can provide your friends and family with the best possible care, using equipment and technology designed especially for seniors.

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Hospital Renovations 

Ontario was in a mental health crisis before the pandemic began, in the wake of COVID-19 the demand for mental health and addiction support has increased to levels never before experienced. To meet this growing need for help Waypoint is renovating existing spaces to increase access to care and serve more patients.

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