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Thank you!

Thank you for your support and for helping people faced with mental illness and addiction issues. Every dollar you donate to our hospital and every effort you make to help others know that they are not alone changes lives. Thank you!

Your donation is helping people in the community:

  • Giving frontline workers, youth, and the community access to new virtual mental health, mindfulness and resiliency programs at a time when our mental well-being is being tested

  • Offering anyone in the region the Mental Health First Aid training needed to help others when facing a mental health crisis


Your donation is helping patients in the hospital:

  • Renovating patient areas to improve physical spacing, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Purchasing hospital equipment to improve care, and keep patients and staff safe during the pandemic

  • Purchasing 22 new hospital beds


Your donation is changing the future of mental health and addictions:

  • Making it possible for the Waypoint Research Institute to further understand the impact of the pandemic, addressing trauma, burnout, addiction issues, and resiliency

  • Conducting research that revolutionizes the treatment and care of mental health and addiction issues

This has been the hardest year of my life. Thank you for giving me a liferaft.


Every day since March 2020
there has been a weight on my chest, a lot of new reasons to be stressed. The mindfulness and resiliency program did not erase that completely but I do feel lighter, hopeful.


Multi-disciplinary teams at the hospital are caring for our senior patients, addressing their physical and mentalhealth care needs in tandem. Being able to purchase specialized equipment and technology has allowed for us to meet their primary care needs, making it possible for us to provide accessible, high-quality care right here at the hospital. Thank you.

Dr. Kevin Young,

Geriatrician and Waypoint Vice President Medical Affairs, Chief of Staff

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Suzanne Levis

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